Friday, 5 September 2014

A family that works together and celebrates together!

By Meeta Gutgutia (Director, Ferns N Petals)

Go Goa Gone….

As we called it with fond memories the recovery from the hangover of that trip is very slow, the craziness, the nostalgia is still there.
I was so very reluctant and confused to go for this trip with my team who are half of my age, the new kids at work, most of them are freshers. Travelling with my team was like bonding time and knowing each one of them closely and noticing the other side of each one of you, I have realized this fact later. Finally everything was finalized, tickets were booked in a day and we boarded the flight. I thought I will sit with a book in the hotel and watch the team enjoy the trip from a distance.

But it was totally amazing and surprising how the Goa fun started. Beaches, pubs, churches, bike rides, swimming pool, dancing till wee hours. Jumping into the lakes and pools while fully dressed up, doing crazy things making a sand castle. Laughing and jumping like kids, collecting shells and baby coconuts, trying the level of the safety lines with the high tide in the sea experiencing all this has made this journey an amusing one. Waves trying to kiss the moon in night and collecting memories in empty beer bottles was one of the sweetest parts of this trip.  Not to forget the jumping over the closed gate of the graveyard during midnight and then saying good morning to the rising sun was just fabulous. Tea at the lonely beach after a tiring but enjoyable journey was another wonderful experience.

I laughed, enjoyed did craziest of the things with my young team because I connect with them. I saw the dream, the passion, and the sparkle of youth in them. They are as crazy as I am. The jokes, pulling each other’s legs, laughing giggling and even some jealous moments teasing acting daring protecting and caring holding hands in the sea all  this has made our bond even more stronger.

Wish I can capture and save those moments forever…how can I forget to mention our slogan of the trip…#MAZA AA RAI H  and later at the airport  #GHAR NAI JANA H .

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Explore Dream Discover

                                  A family that works together and enjoys together!   

   Golden sand, gleaming shores, crumbling architecture and wobble palms are the imperative bare bones of Goa. You cannot find such laid-back atmosphere other than Goa owing to the calm serenity on its beaches. With the ephemeral time, we realized that there are far more things to discover in Goa than the wintry delight of wet sand, gentle beaches and centuries old cathedrals. A very famous saying ‘Travelling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller’! After this marvelous trip I started believing this quote seriously.

Be it our incredible visits to its famous beaches, not to forget in the company of beautiful girls ;) or experiencing the superb night life of Goa, everything was just amazing.  The scenic beauty, the lovely bike rides and that too with our friend-cum-boss (yes our partner in every crime) made this experience even more pleasurable. May be the complete experience can’t be described in words, because the moments that we have lived will stay in our hearts for lifetime. Initially travel trip is meant to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves. 

The unforgettable journey to the secluded beach, Arambol, is definitely going to stay in our minds for long. Exploring not just the beaches, forts, churches, bazaars, famous nightclubs and food shacks, but the scenic beauty of the coastal state was an experience for lifetime. Experiencing the amazing bike rides with its gifted scenic beauty was like a dream come true. And yes our visit to the so-called haunted Church, who can forget that. Such experiences make life worth living. With this incredible trip, we have learned that travelling is about letting go and completely being open to let days unfold as they come. We often experience the most adventurous moments when we expect them least.

                            Experiences of our team members: 

Meeta Gutgutia (Director, Ferns N Petals):

Meeta Gutgutia
It was the most unexpected crazily; beautiful packed with love, fun, laughter and a great bonding. We all different people from different backgrounds, the way we clicked together enjoyed together as if it had always meant to be like this. I loved the positivity and connectivity around us.
One of the most amazing holiday with the most amazing team.....
Looking forward to stay together, reach the milestones together and     party together....

Devyani Kantawala (Director, Flagship by Ferns n Petals): 

Devyani Kantawala
I felt like I experienced Goa in a way that I never had before on any trip. I heard many people saying…. “If u want to Go Crazy, Go Goa..” Why??? I understood now after visiting Goa with a beautiful group of loved ones! Will forever cherish those moments and remarkable memories these few days I have  learnt that traveling is about letting go and completely being open to let days unfold as they may. In fact, you often experience the most incredible adventures when you least expect them!!! It was the most amazing trip.. 

Ritika Chauhan: 

Ritika Cauhan
"Three days which depicted how the entire life should be lived..... no complaints, no regrets....... just flowing with the flow of life......for me it was a trip of lifetime, coz it doesn't happen much when you forget how the day started and when did it end.
Group of crazy people in a crazy place doing crazy things......##Our Trip to GOA!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) "

Gaurav Kaushik:
Gaurav Kaushik
The most amazing trip of my life! The conversation with my boss (cum friend) Meeta mam was the most wonderful experience which I have ever come across. In those few minutes of conversation she taught me something which I cannot learn on my own and will always follow those beautiful words throughout my life. Thank you for guiding me and showing the right path to follow in life. This was the most wonderful trip I have ever experienced!!!

Sonali Mangla:

Sonali Mangla
Dressing up for parties, beaches and never ending parties, this was a trip which you experience once in your lifetime! The superb bike rides and the excellent sight scenes was the most amazing experience for me. The opulent surroundings and company of some amazing people makes this trip one of the best experience I ever had.     

Arpit Pandey:
Arpit Pandey
Bike rides, sitting on the beach away from all the noise and experiencing the peace, rocking night parties, three sleepless nights but still wandering around with sheer energy. Experiencing the beauty of Goa with no tensions and no stress of life and feel like a free bird, this is what I called a perfect trip.

Mandeep Grewal: 

Mandeep Grewal
In simple words....
3 days of My life which taught me How to Live, Love and Laugh together...
All of us from different age groups, different behaviour, likes and dislikes
united by a beautiful bond i.e. called Happiness...
I wish we keep ROCKING in future and take FNP family to next level..

Piyush Kohli: 

Piyush Kohli
First of all it was an experience of lifetime to be around such wonderful people. Thanks to our Khurafti GANG  coming out of my comfort zone and doing the craziest things have make me a stronger person. This was the journey of a lifetime, not only the gorgeous beauty of Goa but to experience all that with so many crazy people makes this trip an incredible one for me!!! Words won’t be enough to describe those three days.

Kritika Gola:

Kritika Gola
Some moments make life worth living! The scenic beauty, the beach shacks, superbly maintained greenery all around all this gives you a soothing experience. The happening night life, the smashing bike rides and the company of a wonderful people, all this makes it a marvelous trip which has given me beautiful memories which I’ll cherish for lifetime. 

Lalit Jakhwal:

Lalit Jakhwal
It was the best trip I ever had till date. The long bike rides, the beautiful beaches and the greenery all around. One can feel the peace which we usually don’t experience in our everyday lives. I have most enjoyed the night life of that amazing place dancing, cheering and partying all night. At the end, I think it’s the most beautiful trip I have ever experienced.

Neha Sinha: 

Neha Sinha
Experiencing the luxury of Goa’s rich greenery, the fascinating beaches and the ever wonderful bike rides with so many enthusiasts like me makes this trip very special for me. It’s not just the gorgeous beauty of Goa but the amazing company which has made this trip even more memorable one. It will definitely going to stay with me lifelong.

Nitika Bhatia:

Nitika Bhatia
I feel fortunate enough to have my first trip to Goa with such amazing
people. Of course, with the beautiful shores comes some incredible
opportunities to enjoy bright sunny days at beaches. For me, it has turned
out to be the most amazing trip so far. 



Seema Singh
Best three days of my life! When it started we have no idea that this is going to be our most exciting trip. Enjoying not only the beaches and night life of Goa but seeing the other side of Goa which not many people have usually won’t explore. Experiencing the amazing place so closely with a wonderful group has made this experience a pleasurable one. 

Jasmine Chopra:

Jasmine Chopra
It was the most unexpected CRAZY trip with so much positivity around us that it seemed that we were just meant to be there together. Three days of Happiness this has given me lifetime memories. Blessed to be around all these amazing people!!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Another day #crazyme10.30 in the night #makingagift for a dear person #reminding me of my sm old days #passion for what I do #success to be counted in smiles n compliments..not in money only #my mantra to success #love

Again I was designing a product today. Someone I respect a lot called me today to help her out with a baby shower gift. It was such a short notice and obviously something really special was expected.
Designing a right combination, picking up the products, making of it, personalize gifts it takes too much of thoughts and efforts to go in creating a right baby shower gift. The problem we face in India is that it's a new concept here. There are very few and new mothers have started having baby shower.
Usual baby shower gifts are products for the baby but what I made was to pamper the mother. Something even mothers can cherish. A baby shower is a time to celebrate new life, not just the little one who has born but it's a new life for a woman also. So I wanted to create something to admire the woman who is going to be a Mother. A token of love.

Ohh my god, buying those colorful Marshmallows, Macaroons, Lollypops and tiny-winy tit-bit things, adorable teddies, baby cribs and bibs, bottles and prams. They look so adorable.

And now I know what to gift as a baby shower gifts. More than the products, the packaging was fun, those frills and laces and ribbons.

Finally the gift turned out to be so beautiful. I recommend to pay a lot of attention to the packaging. At the end of the day the products are mostly going to be the same, its the packaging makes the whole difference.  

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Cosmetic Hunt

We women...the hardest part of our shopping list apart from clothes and shoes is buying cosmetics. This is the biggest confusion we face while shopping.
Like they say,' “The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”
Ohh !! what an ordeal, entering into a jungle of brands, national and international, the rows and lines of pretty looking bottles and boxes. You will find all the possible products. Endless hair creams, spa products, perfumes, fairness creams, sunscreen, shades and shades of nail paints, lip-color etc etc.

I thought I will go and find the product I am looking for but I was guided through the whole store like a tourist destination and plenty of suggestions to take these and use that.
Believe me end of the day I was frustrated and was pulling my hair. I wish the store could offer a head massage or a foot spa or I should rather buy a spa hamper. That’s all I needed that time. I came home with a bag full of cosmetics and a big bill in my pocket. There are cosmetics which I already had and half of them haven't been used since ever.

I have learned from my mistakes. I started reading, doing surveys about the products and after that I made a list of my basic requirements and the second list includes luxury indulgence. So every time I go for my cosmetic shopping I check my list first and buy only those which is required. One of the finest find was the lip balm from FORREST ESSENTIAL, the rose flavor, the natural cold-pressed body oils, the roll on from MARKS N SPENCER, the basic eye make-up from LAKME and REVLON. I have got all the daily doses of gorgeous. But I would say that cosmetics should never be used to hide oneself, It should be used to enhance one's natural beauty.  

A precious Gift

I was sitting at my friend's house, while chit-chatting my friend started showing me her collection of limited edition coins from all over the world.
I was amazed at the coin collection. I specially came across a coin which descripted, " The most romantic cities of the world." It was beautiful...
The first thought that came to my mind how I wanted my teenage son to give that Limited edition romantic coin to his would be wife. How I started waiting for that occasion.

I was day dreaming. I could not tell him right now because he would not understand the emotions at this age. I made a beautiful beautiful envelope of the coin, wrote my feelings on the envelope. It was a handmade envelope. I wish he finds the love of his life and hand it over this beautiful limited edition gift on the special day. 

BOOKS: An especial Gift

While coming back from Hongkong, I had to buy a gift for my daughter. I was in a hurry and I know I couldn't go home without a bag full of Online Gifts in my hands, couldn't see that pretty innocent face disappointed. Gift shop, souvenir shop, book shop...I was randomly checking out anything and everything.

After wandering clueless, I saw a book store. The window display of the store was somehow so interesting that It took fraction of seconds for me to decide that I'll surely find something great here. Something I am looking for. That something which will bring a smile and joy on my daughter's face. Books are always very specific to the country's culture. So again its a story of hand picking gifts.

I found some lovely books on art, sketching and drawing. Knowing the talent in my little one, I picked up all 4 books of the series. I was overwhelmed. I wrote my feelings for my daughter on the first page of the book.

I have been getting books as gifts all my life. Whenever I manage my book shelves, I recall the moments, occasions (birthday) and the person who gifted them to me. Just by touching and reading the message written on the very first page, I go back in time when somebody shared his/ her emotions with me through these precious books. And if a book was gifted by myself, I used to write, “Belongs to Meeta.”

I love books. I moreover love that moment when you open one and sink into it, you can escape from the world into a story. For me books are a uniquely portable magic. The more you read, more you experience the magic.

The Craft Exhibition

The moment I see an advertisement or get a message of craft fairs and exhibitions, I am automatically guided and end up landing there. I start buying those amazingly beautiful pieces like there is no tomorrow. Rather getting secretive about the source of my beautifully crafted sarees and dupattas, I feel like announcing to the people to look at the craftsmanship, the fine and intricate designs, the art, the beautiful color combinations, the weaves etc etc. These artisans are unaware of the master pieces they create. 

I want them to reach to more and more people. I love to see the happiness on their faces when they get rewards for the extra ordinary piece of art they create, when their work is being appreciated by the mass.

I really feel that there can not be a better gift to your loved ones but a loom saree, a hand crafted piece. Well, its proved to be a very tough decision for me to part these sarees and offer it on my gifting website. 

OHH MY GOD....How I want to hoard all of them totally to myself. Anyways it happens when you gift your favorite things to your loved ones so that they can also treasure the precious and priceless things.